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6 Weeks Weight Loss Plan

I will customize a weight loss plan that will help you to:

Step up ways to measure and track progress
Secure adequct support through weekly telephone sessions so you can stay on track, and unlimited email support in-between sessions to answer your questions
Help with meal planning and Identify outcomes so you know when you have arrived at your destination.
​Price $375 ​​​​​​​

Pantry Makeover
​Nicole will rid your pantry, refrigerator and search out the hiding places your kids, spouse, or you may be harboring the bad stuff.  Nicole will do it with humor,
knowledge and a whole lot of information that will get you set in the direction of success.  After cleaning out your pantry and kitchen, Nicole will re-organize your
kitchen so it makes sense and operates efficiently.​​ Price $185

Sage ​House Cleansing

A house cleansing is designed to drive away unwanted negative energies from your home. The same way you wash bacteria, dirt, and sweat from your physical body — your home and belongings must be cleansed from dirty energies that can negatively affect you and your family on a daily basis.  Yet even the happiest of homes will over time accumulate negative energies, therefore it’s important to clear this energy and return balance to your home. Price $200
It is important to understand that Healthy Living Advisor is not Therapy and program recommendations are not intended to ​​replace the advice of medical